Why veterans should consider creating HFAVET campaign

Crowdfunding projects

Military veterans with any business or organization idea should consider using the Help Fund A Veteran crowdfunding platform to raise capital and watch their visions come to life.  Crowdfunding is a new way of raising capital for a business venture, and there are several benefits offered that traditional financing methods lack.  Using a crowdfunding platform like HFAVET will allow vetrepreneurs to attract a much larger pool of backers, as opposed to a select few investors, to support their endeavors.  The capacity of crowdfunding to reach a larger number of supporters may ultimately lead to high customer loyalty, especially in the early phases of a business venture.

Help Fund A Veteran: A niche platform

While there are several crowdfunding platforms, Help Fund A Veteran is the only online crowdfunding platform designed exclusively to assist military veterans in raising the capital necessary to start and sustain successful events, franchises and businesses.  This means that our platform attracts backers that are interested in specifically assisting veterans and entrepreneurial business ventures.  There are several benefits to utilizing a niche platform like HFAVET for a crowdfunding campaign.  When using a massive crowdfunding platform, campaign creators run the risk of having their project be diluted by other campaign initiatives on the platform.  HFAVET caters to veterans and their supporters, and ultimately offers opportunities for like-minded members of the military community to connect.

Why backers should support HFAVET campaigns

Supporting and inspiring U.S. troops

A key component of Help Fund A Veteran’s mission is helping veterans make the transition into civilian life by supporting their business dreams.  We believe it is truly important that our troops realize that there is a hopeful future after their career in the military.  Your support will help assure veterans that they are capable of initiating there own business ventures and will play a role in giving their ideas proof of concept.  Your support and contributions, however big or small, will demonstrate that there are resources available to veterans and will ultimately inspire veterans everywhere to pursue their business dreams.

Rock star vetrepreneurs

Veterans also make excellent entrepreneurs.  Read our blog below to find out why the military fosters qualities that transfer into successful entrepreneurship.  Backers can feel assured that their money is being put into the hands of hardworking, organized and goal oriented individuals who have served our country.

Incentives given by vetrepreneurs


Each campaign on HFAVET offers unique incentives to contribute.  Look out for the different rewards offered on each of the campaign pages.

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