Crowdfunding For Small Business

The popularity of starting your own business in today’s economy has never been hotter.  With popular mainstream shows such as ABC’s Shark Tank appearing in millions of family rooms, entrepreneurship seems to provide a lot of value to the decision making process of taking the risk of starting a business.

Now, let’s dive into the metrics of veteran owned businesses.

  • Majority Ownership

There are approximately 2.45 million businesses established where the managing partners retain majority equity in the business.  Wow!  Of these, there are approximately 491,000 that employ individuals and close to 2 million are considered self-employed.

  • Key Highlights

We are always striving to add value and generate sales, right?  Well, our veterans seem to be accomplishing just that.  Veteran-owned firms had sales of $1.220 trillion, 5.793 million employees, and annual payroll of $210 billion. Employer firms were responsible for 92.3 percent of the receipts, $1.126 trillion.  These are impressive figures.

  • Crowdfunding For Small Business

We believe that the backbone of America is truly predicated on small business.  Crowdfunding, Help Fund A Veteran in particular is a new innovative approach in which military veterans can grow their business by simply creating a profile and telling all of their family and friends about their journey, while acquiring working capital without taking out a loan.

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