Top 3 Crowdfunding TIPS & QUESTIONS

TIP #1

A good starting point is to ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. What inspired you to serve in the military?

2. What is the purpose in launching your business?

3. How will you get your customers to become your very own brand fanatics?

Simon Sinek, delivered a very powerful TED talk, find it, below.

TIP #2

Consider these questions:

1. What actions do you need to take to educate people about the problem you are trying to solve?

2. How will you inform people of the solutions your business has created to help solve the problem?

3. What are your competitors doing to solve this problem?

4. What kinds of interesting and compelling content can you create to educate and engage people about your business?

TIP #3

Consider these questions:

1. What are key characteristics (demographics and interests) of your target audience?

2. How much research do you need to invest learning about them?

3. Which mediums will be most effective in reaching your target audience? (Social media, blogs, radio, TV, phone book, etc.)

4. What actions need to be taken to reach your audience? (Content creation, networking and relationships, phone-calls, etc.)

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