Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

Our corporate membership program is a premier membership opportunity.  Support from businesses and organizations, large and small, helps further the company’s already impressive growth and shows your commitment to our veterans.

Your membership entitles your company to various levels of signage, advertising, banners and other materials displayed and published for signature events. Your membership also maximizes your exposure by a captive audience, which could bring you in potential new business.

Remember, all donations are tax deductible.  Memberships will run from Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st of each year.

For further information about sponsorship opportunities, please email at

Type of Sponsorship

There are seven tiers of sponsorship and each tier representing the level of annual sponsorship to Help Fund A Veteran Foundation.

Chief Executive Officer – $25,000 or more

Chairman – $20,000

President – $15,000

Premier – $10,000

Executive – $5,000

Leadership – $2,500

Associate – $1,500


> Individual Contribution  (Any Amount)

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!  Please make your contribution to HFAVET by visiting —>