About Our Founder

Vivian M. Favors has a love for people, a dedication to public service and a desire to make a significant difference. A native of Valdosta, GA., Favors has served as a faithful member of the U.S. Navy for more than 23 years. She currently serves as a Chief Petty Officer with a mission to “lead, guide, educate, train and mentor Sailors (and junior Officers) to the best of their abilities, and ensure each Sailor (junior Officer) is given the tools to succeed.” “I am the right-hand man, or woman, to the commanding officer, executive officer or department head,” said Favors.

During her service, she has worked in commanding officer’s administrative office, administrative offices, operations offices, weapons office, legal office, patient relations office and defense cooperation office. Her roles and responsibilities have ranged over the years and include: clerical; evaluations; awards; budget and travel reservations; training, facilitating and proctoring exams; legal and FOIA; protocol; customer service and problems resolution; equal opportunity; sexual assault; security clearance; computer help desk; message traffic transmission; leave, pay and allowance; auditing; sanitation; and demilitarization of foreign military sales equipment. Favors has completed deployments to Sigonella, Italy; Roosevelt Road, Puerto Rico; and Mediterranean and Arabian Sea.
“I have come across some great people in the Navy and have made some lifetime friends; however, I can really say two people I served with really touched my heart,” said Favors. “Lt. Stephen Handsom and Retired Master Chief Operations Specialist John Gross believed in me and saw my work and effort. I was nominated for Sailor of the Year and promoted to Chief because of their exemplary leadership and guidance. My proudest moment was when I was pinned a Chief Petty Officer. Favors is currently stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. She has been stationed in Oceana, Va.; Norfolk, Va.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Smyrna, Ga.; Guantanamo, Cuba; Andros Island, Bahamas; Portsmouth, Va. and Tel Aviv, Israel.
Favors is a two-time graduate of St. Leo University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in management specialization and a Master of Business Administration with an concentration in information security management. She also holds various specializations in different fields.